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Crown Repair

7191478This chimney crown was found to be the source of a water leak that entered into the 2nd story historic home in Southern Iowa.




3809937Our first step was to remove all the lose mortar and prep the crown to be sealed with Chimney Saver Crown Seal. This product come with a 10 year warranty.


9272276Then we installed a custom size chimney cap, that comes with a lifetime warranty! An open chimney cause more damage then any other factor to fireplaces. A properly fitted chimney cap keeps the rain & snow out. Plus it keeps the birds and other animals like raccoon’s and squirrels from finding a home in your chimney. 


1752117These cracks let the water into the chimney and damage the surrounding brick.








8893222We offer products that come with outstanding warranties that seal out the weather and protect the bricks.

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