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Des Moines Residents: Is Your Factory Fireplace in Need of a Little TLC?

A factory fireplace or prefabricated fireplace can be a convenient and relatively inexpensive addition to your home…and since they’re designed in-factory to be reliable and efficient, more and more homeowners are opting for prefabricated units. But just like their masonry counterparts, factory-built fireplaces can still malfunction or need repairs. And since the team here at Top Notch Chimney Sweep & Services has experience working with both masonry and factory-built systems here in the Des Moines and Central Iowa area, you can count on us when you need repairs for your factory fireplace.

When a part fails or needs replacement in your factory-built fireplace system, it’s crucial that you leave repairs to knowledgeable professionals. Each and every part of a factory-built unit is designed to work with that specific unit. You can’t simply replace one part with another, or you could seriously compromise the safety, efficiency, and functionality of the entire system.

Some Commonly Needed Repairs For Factory Fireplace Units

Here are some of the most common repair needs we see in factory fireplace units:

  • Refractory Wall/Floor Panels – The refractory wall and floor panels that make up the firebox of a factory fireplace can crack over time, which can lead to safety and efficiency issues. If this is the case with your factory fireplace, we can replace the panels with new panels from the manufacturer so that you can safely enjoy your factory unit again.
  • Chase Cover – The chase cover of a factory unit is essentially the equivalent of the chimney crown of a masonry unit. These are typically made of metal and often need replacement because of animal tampering or water and weather damage. If your chase cover is in need of replacement, we can find the right one for your unit and install it properly and quickly.
  • Chimney Cap – Just as the chimney cap on a masonry unit can come off or fail, so can the chimney cap of a factory unit. If your chimney cap has failed or been removed by winds or animals, our team can locate the proper replacement and install it to last.

How Do I Know If Replacement Parts Are Available For My Factory Fireplace?

Not sure what model your fireplace is or if replacement parts are still available? Our technicians have experience working on factory-built fireplaces from a variety of manufacturers and can identify your unit and determine whether replacement parts can be ordered.

When It Comes To Factory Fireplaces, We Know Our Stuff

If your factory fireplace is in need of repair work, give us a call at (515) 249-6337! We’ll troubleshoot and find out if replacement parts are available so that you can get back to enjoying your system once more. You can also request an appointment online – simply click here!


Masonry repairs require knowledge and skill to be done properly and safely. These chimney repairs are best done by professionals like the ones at Top Notch.

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