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Keep Your Vents Clean With Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services

Here in central Iowa, it’s rare that we aren’t using our heating or air conditioning system. And just like any other system, the more we use it, the more attention we need to pay to cleaning and maintenance.

Over time, large amounts of dust and other debris can build up in our air venting systems, and although these particles may never leave our ducts and enter our actual air supply, it’s wise to have them professionally removed on a regular basis. Why?

Allergy sufferers, asthma sufferers, and those with respiratory problems don’t need any added agitators in their air supply. But as dust and debris accumulates along the air ducts, particles can move through the vents and down into our lungs. This can be particularly troubling when those of us with sensitive respiratory systems spend a great deal of time indoors.

Additionally, if moisture makes its way into the system during humid weather, mold and spores can form in the air duct system, causing all sorts of respiratory irritation and health hazards. The best way to prevent this from happening is to schedule a professional air duct cleaning service.

Indoor air quality facts:

• The EPA has ranked indoor air quality as one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health.
• Indoor air is 2-5 times worse than outdoor air.
• 87% of American homeowners are not aware that pollution may be worse inside their homes than outdoors.

What Does An Air Duct Cleaning Service Entail?

When you have your air ducts cleaned by the professionals at Top Notch Chimney Sweep & Services, you can expect a thorough and tidy cleaning every time. Our technicians are careful to examine your heating and cooling system for any dangerous materials in the system, and they work hard to maintain a clean and safe environment throughout the cleaning.

Before and After Image of Air duct CleaningOnce we’ve carefully inspected your system, we will set up a powerful HEPA vacuum system to ensure that all dust and particles that are loosened are sucked up and not released back into your home. Using specialized brushes, we’ll loosen any dust and debris and quickly contain it in our vacuum.

We’ll also check for any holes or defects within the air ducts, and alert you to any damages that may be affecting the efficiency of the system.

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Be sure that your air ducts are clean and functioning optimally by scheduling an air duct cleaning with Top Notch Chimney Sweep & Services. Call us at (515) 249-6337 or click here to schedule your appointment today!


Let us take care of cleaning your dryer vents. We have the training and equipment to take care of all your vent cleaning needs.

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