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Des Moines Leaky Chimney Repair:

A Chimney Leak Needs Attention ASAP

Every time it rains or snows here in central Iowa, our chimneys are under attack and on guard. And if they’re professionally maintained and waterproofed, they can successfully stand up to the elements for years. If not, water can quickly destroy a good chimney system. Is your chimney still protected from water intrusion or could it use some help?

Water can access the chimney through deteriorating masonry, poorly installed or deteriorating flashing, or through the top of the chimney if the chimney cap or crown is missing or damaged. And when it makes its way into your chimney system, there’s no end to the amount of damage it can cause, not just to the chimney and fireplace, but also to the surrounding walls and ceilings.

Is water at work in your chimney? Schedule an inspection with one of our team members and find out how equipped your chimney is to fight the good fight. If we find leaks, we can make repairs – we even offer prevenive waterproofing services that can offer your chimney added protection for years and years.

Waterproofing Can Keep Your Masonry Strong & Moisture-Free

Brick and mortar are both porous materials, which makes them great for chimney construction. But the down side is, brick and mortar can also soak up rainwater and snow, and as temperatures rise and fall, this moisture can crack and erode these porous materials. To prevent this from happening, our technicians can apply a professional waterproofing product that is designed specifically for chimney masonry. Click here to read more about how this service can actually save you money!

If Your Flashing Is Failing, We Can Help

In addition to waterproofing services, our technicians work to keep chimney systems dry by repairing damaged or poorly designed flashing. Flashing refers to the layers of metal strips that are installed at the point where your chimney and roof meet. If these layers are not properly installed and maintained, water can quickly enter through this vulnerable area and cause all sorts of damage. Click here to read more about our flashing repair services.

We’ll Keep Water Out For Good

If you’d like to know more about our chimney leak repair and prevention services, please give us a call at (515) 249-6337 or click here. We look forward to helping you protect your chimney system so that you can enjoy it for years to come!


Have a professional chimney sweeping every year and you can rest easy knowing your family and home are safer. This simple chimney service only takes a moment to schedule, so give us a call.

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