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Des Moines Area Gas Fireplace Repair & Service:

If You Need To Have Your Gas Logs Serviced, Look No Further Than Top Notch

The technicians at Top Notch Chimney Sweep & Services aren’t just experienced and trained with regards to wood-burning fireplaces and chimney systems… We also have extensive experience servicing gas-burning appliances and gas log sets for those in the Des Moines area, as well as Ames, Ankeny, Johnston, and more.

In recent years, gas lot sets have become more and more realistic-looking and have gained in popularity. Unfortunately, many homeowners assume that because they aren’t burning wood, regular service and professional inspections are not necessary.

Just because you’re not burning wood and creating large amounts of ash with each fire doesn’t mean you don’t need to have your gas logs regularly inspected and serviced. Professional care is still necessary to keep your fire and carbon monoxide risk as low as possible and to ensure optimal function of your gas logs.

When we come to your home to service your gas logs, we’ll be checking for things like proper installation; broken valves or connections; leaky gas lines; pilot functionality; proper ventilation; and overall functionality. We’ll check to see if the logs have moved out of place; if they’re cracked; or if the system is producing an excessive amount of soot. If we find any issues, our skilled technicians know how to make the necessary repairs to restore functionality and safety.

Ventilation Is Key

There are different types of gas logs: vented and vent-free.

  • Vented gas logs must be used in a fully functioning fireplace to allow the byproducts to vent up and out of the chimney. If the chimney is blocked or the damper is stuck in the closed position, using your vented gas logs could quickly become a serious health hazard. Just like with a wood-burning fireplace, gas logs produce carbon monoxide, and if it isn’t moving swiftly up the chimney and out of the home, you and your family could be at great risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Read more about the dangers of carbon monoxide here.
  • Vent-free or ventless gas logs are designed to burn more efficiently so that they don’t require a fully functioning fireplace and chimney. Even still, it’s important that they are working properly, and that you have a carbon monoxide detector in place in case a problem arises.

Whether you have vented gas logs or vent-free gas logs, our technicians can inspect them and make sure that they are working the way they should and looking the way you want them to! We’ll even clean them with a soft brush to remove any soot buildup. Call us today at (515) 249-6337 or click here to schedule your gas log service today!


Chimney caps and dampers work hard to keep unwanted “stuff” out of your chimney and to keep the air flowing like it should. Let our chimney service team make sure it’s all working as it should so you can relax.

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