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Here in central Iowa, we get our fair share of moisture and freezing temperatures, which can be pretty tough on our chimneys and their components. One of the parts of the chimney that seems to take the hardest hit is the chimney crown, which is the cement slab situated at the top of the chimney stack.

The crown is designed to cover the opening at the top of the chimney stack, keeping out rain, animals, and debris, and directing water away from the brick and mortar of the chimney itself. But because of its purpose and its location, it’s imperative that the chimney crown be properly designed and constructed, and built of the correct materials.

Some Common Crown Construction Mistakes

Some common mistakes we see in the construction of the crown:

  • Flat Design – A proper crown should be slightly angled so that rainwater, snow, and sleet runs off of the crown and away from the chimney. If the crown is constructed with a flat design, water can pool and erode the surface, creating cracks, holes and wearing down the thickness of the crown. If we find that your crown is deteriorating because of this design flaw, we can construct a new one for you that is properly angled to encourage water runoff.
  • Insufficient Extension/Drip Edge – Another common problem we see in the design and construction of chimney crowns is that many don’t have a sufficient drip edge and don’t extend far enough from the chimney stack. A proper crown should extend 2-3 inches past the edge of the chimney. This ensures that when water runs off of the crown, it is directed onto the roof, and not directly into the masonry of the chimney (where it can cause deterioration and other water damage). If this is a problem with your system, our team of masons can extend your crown to remedy the issue.
  • Too Thin – If a crown is going to last the way it should, it needs to be at least 2 inches thick at its thinnest part. We commonly see crowns that are water and wind worn because they simply weren’t constructed to the proper thickness. If your crown is too thin, we can build you a new one that is of proper thickness.
  • Wrong Materials – Another common mistake we see is in regards to material choice. A proper crown should be constructed of concrete (preferably reinforced with mesh); but we often see crowns constructed of mortar, which simply can’t hold up given the crown’s position and exposure to the elements. If your crown was made of mortar, we can construct a new one that will last and last.

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