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We Can Also Clean Your Air Ducts & Dryer Vents

Here at Top Notch Chimney Sweep & Services, we are dedicated to providing our neighbors in central Iowa with home services that increase the safety and enjoyment of their homes. For that reason, we don’t only perform chimney maintenance; we also perform vent-cleaning services.

Like the chimney venting system, air ducts and dryer vents can become clogged and dirty health and fire hazards. But with proper professional maintenance, you can enjoy the convenience of your clothes dryer and your air conditioning and heating system with minimum risk and maximum enjoyment.

Are Your Air Ducts Helping Or Hurting?

Let’s face it: a good portion of our time is spent inside of our home, and although we can’t control the quality of the air we’re breathing when we’re outdoors, we can control the quality of the air pumping through our home’s air ducts. Keep mold and possible respiratory irritants out of your family’s air supply with professional air duct cleanings. Click here to learn more about our air duct cleaning services.

What Kind Of Condition Is Your Dryer Venting System In?

Even if you clean your lint trap after every load of laundry, lint can still build up along the walls of your dryer venting system. And when it does, it can clog and suffocate the dryer and significantly increase the chance of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. To keep your dryer vent system working as efficiently and as safely as it should, it’s important that you make regular dryer vent cleanings a priority in your home. Click here to read more about the importance of dryer vent cleanings and how they can help you save money and avoid unnecessary risk!

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