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Need Minor Masonry Repairs in Des Moines or Somewhere Surrounding? Our Team Can Help

For hundreds of years, people have turned to masonry for durable and beautiful results. Even the smartest of the three little pigs wisely chose brick and mortar to build his house. But, as durable as they are, brick and mortar can still be damaged and need repairs. And when they do, the team at Top Notch Chimney Sweep & Services is here to help.

For chimney masonry repair services in Des Moines and beyond, trust our experts.

Common Causes Of Masonry Damage

Some of the most common causes of masonry damage include:

  • Water – Water is by far the worst thing your masonry can come into contact with. Because brick and mortar are porous, water can seep inside. As temperatures rise and fall, this water expands and contracts, causing the brick and mortar to crack and crumble. Water can also lead to vegetation growth, which can deteriorate the brick and compromise the integrity and strength of the masonry.
  • Heat/Byproducts – Although brick and mortar can stand up to high heat better than most materials, over time, the heat and corrosive byproducts of fire can lead to cracks, holes, and deterioration.
  • House Settling– Normal house settling can also lead to cracks in the chimney masonry, which can make the chimney a real threat.

Common Masonry Repairs

Our team can evaluate your masonry and make the needed repairs, including:

  • Tuckpointing – When the mortar between brick begins to crack or crumble, it’s not just compromising the look of your chimney or fireplace; it’s also compromising the strength and longevity of the structure. To restore the structure once again, our masons can remove the deteriorating mortar and replace it with new mortar (this is known as tuckpointing). And best of all, with Top Notch at your service, you can expect beautiful, clean results.
  • Brick Replacement – Masonry damage can include spalling, which is when the face of the brick begins to break off or crumble. If your brick is spalling, our team can carefully replace damaged brick with new brick.
  • Crown Repair – We also repair chimney crowns. If your crown was poorly constructed or has been damaged, click here to learn more about our crown repair services.
  • Firebrick Repair – The firebrick in your firebox can crack from the high heat, and if cracks aren’t repaired, heat can seep into the walls of the home and cause a house fire. If you’ve noticed cracks in your firebrick, be sure to have one of our masons make repairs before using your fireplace.

Call On Top Notch For Quality Masonry Repairs

If you need minor masonry work performed on your fireplace or chimney, give the team at Top Notch Chimney Sweep & Services a call at (515) 249-6337. You can also schedule an appointment online – just click here!


A number of factors can contribute to the necessity for relining your chimney. Let us evaluate your chimney system to determine whether you need this particular chimney service.

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