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We Can Restore Your Chimney With A Brand New Liner

The inside of the chimney is exposed to incredibly high heat and corrosive byproducts every time you enjoy a fire. And over time, this, and other factors (like chimney leaks or animals) can deteriorate your liner and lead to the need for relining services. If your liner is damaged, or if your chimney was built without a liner, give us a call! Our expert technicians have years of chimney relining experience and can quickly and professionally reline your chimney to last.

Why Is The Chimney Liner So Important?

You may not give it much thought, but the chimney liner is incredibly important for a variety of reasons.

First, it serves to contain the high heat and byproducts of the fire you enjoy, protecting the masonry of the chimney and nearby combustibles.

Second, it serves to usher carbon monoxide, smoke, and other byproducts of combustion up and out of your home, instead of allowing them to leak back into your air supply.

When holes or cracks appear in the chimney liner, it can no longer be expected to effectively contain the heat and byproducts of a fire, and the system should not be used.

How Do I Know If My Chimney Needs Relining?

If can be difficult to know when your chimney needs relining, but as long as you stay up on your annual inspections, you should never have to wonder what kind of condition your liner is in. The team at Top Notch Chimney Sweep & Services can evaluate your system using our state-of-the-art video scanning equipment, and let you know whether or not your liner needs repairs or should be replaced.

Which Type Of Liner Should I Get?

Different liners work better with different fuel types and appliances, but our technicians can evaluate your system and make recommendations for which liner will best serve your needs. Stainless steel liners are incredibly popular because they are approved for use with all fuels, and typically come with lifetime warranties when professionally installed.

We also install HeatShield®, which is an innovative product that can restore your existing clay tile liner. Click here to learn more!

Give Us A Call & We’ll Evaluate Your Chimney Liner

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Keeping the chimney crown in good repair goes a long way toward eliminating a variety of serious chimney problems. Let us take a look at your chimney crown today to see if you need this common repair for your chimney.

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When I bought my house the inspector said that he does not do chimneys and that I would have to do that separate. He suggested a chimney cleaner in Des Moines. I called them and asked if they could come out and take a look. They informed me that they were too busy to come out and take a look and that they probably could sometime in February. So I looked around on the internet and found Top Notch. I’m glad I did. I have had a lot of service people come to my house for repairs and such and they all seem to fly through the work, wanting to get to the next job. I felt that he wanted to do the job to a "T" and make sure everything was in great, not good, great working order. I really appreciated that. He also spent the time to show me the parts and how to operate my fireplace. Thomas went above and beyond anything I thought was possible for a chimney inspection and cleaning. He even made the firebox look brand new by painting the inside and trim.

~ Reese of Altoona, IA, 2012