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Save Money By Professionally Waterproofing Your Chimney System

If water is making its way into your chimney, it’s imperative that you have repairs made as soon as possible! Why? Because a leaky chimney can lead to major damage and can make a serious dent in your budget.

In fact, one of the best things you can do for your chimney and your finances is to take preventive measures and have your system professionally waterproofed before you have a water problem. Here at Top Notch Chimney Sweep & Services, we work with the best waterproofing products in the industry and guarantee professional, effective results.

Why Choose Professional Waterproofing Services?

Masonry is porous, which it needs to be in order to effectively vent the vaporous byproducts of fire. Unfortunately, this porosity also makes brick and mortar vulnerable to water intrusion from the outside. When temperatures rise and fall, the moisture absorbed by your masonry can expand and contract, forcing the brick and mortar to crack and spall (break apart).

To avoid this, many homeowners take a trip to their local hardware store and purchase paint or a waterproofing sealant. Although this may seem like a good and affordable idea, it can actually cause even more damage. How? Unlike the breathable waterproofing products that we use, paint and sealants can actually suffocate the brick and mortar so that the vapor produced by a fire actually settles into the masonry instead of escaping. Just like water from the outside, vaporous moisture can do serious damage to the masonry if it’s trapped within.

When we waterproof your chimney system, we’ll check for any areas of weakness or needed repairs, and bring them to your attention before applying the product. It may be necessary for you to have your crown repaired first (if your crown is damaged), in order to make the waterproofing as effective as it should be.

The product we use for all of our waterproofing services is designed specifically for chimney masonry, so it’s vapor porous. This means that it will allow vapor to escape the brick and mortar, without allowing water to enter. Unlike sealants and paint, this product is absorbed into the masonry (as opposed to simply coating the surface), and it won’t change the appearance or functionality of your masonry in the least.

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