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Rooftop Dryer Vent Exhaust

7418336This is a common rooftop dryer vent exhaust. The dryer for this unit was located in the hallway of the second floor behind a set of by-fold doors. This vent has only a small area to allow hot air & excess lint to escape, so it quickly builds up. This turns the simple task of drying clothes into what could be something more serious.

5279305Another sign of trouble is the lint that has been building up begins to build up on the roof shingles. We’re Top Notch Chimney Sweeps & We’re The Dryer Vent Pro’s! We’ll get the lint out. Call us today at 515-249-6337.

Another Clogged Dryer Vent

7038121While cleaning this customers chimney in West Des Moines today, I do like I always do walk around the house to check the dryer vent. Unsurprising this is what I found today. The home made screen the homeowner thought was keeping the birds out was also keeping the lint in and crated a fire hazard. We sell a very special vent cover that keeps the birds and animals out.

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